Some of the benefits of our solution: 

For the organisation:

  • Reduction in relapse rate leading to cost efficiency savings
  • Consistency in Adherence Therapy management for patients (ie using the same language)
  • Improve quality outcomes measures (CQUIN QIPP)
  • Improvement in medicines optimisation
  • Reduction in medicines wastage
  • Promotes collaborative working

For the patient:

  • Enhanced understanding of their condition and treatment plan
  • Greater feeling of involvement in their care gained from mutual decision making
  • Improved quality of life
  • More effective management of medication to improve health and wellbeing

For the delegate:

  • Gain understanding of factors affecting medication adherence in people with long term illnesses
  • Gain understanding of strategies to enhance medication adherence in people with long term illness
  • Clinical competence in using the Adherence Therapy assessment and toolkit
  • Confidence to talk to patients about medication

For pharmaceutical organisations:
  • Greater patient adherence leads to consistent taking of medications as prescribed
  • Delivers an opportunity for true joint working with the NHS to give mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Supports Value Based Pricing and Value Propositions

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