Delegate feedback following Adherence Therapy training:

"Fantastic, this should be mandatory for any healthcare professional that works with clients taking medication" 

"I think it’s largely become embedded in the ethos of the team; it’s almost unthinkable that we would go back to the old, prescriptive: ‘this is what you’re having’ way of working."

"Loved the way in which it was presented, ie agenda setting, managable sized blocks of info. Using the techniques he was teaching to teach us"

"I felt it met my needs & exceeded my initial expectations. Very enjoyable, informative & practical"

"I really liked the idea that medication adherence was everyone’s business in the team, not just the doctors’." 

"It has changed my practice, which for someone who has already been a consultant for 8 years when it started, is quite something, because I don’t think many people change."

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