We offer a range of masterclasses all of which give the healthcare professional competency to deliver our clinically proven Adherence Therapy Intervention.

Full details of each of the options can be found in the "Training and costs" link on the homepage.

The intervention is derived from the Adherence Therapy Manual, researched and written by Professor Richard Gray.  Face-to-face masterclasses are facilitated exclusively by Professor Gray and his research colleagues, so your training will be delivered by one of team responsible for the original (and subsequent) research.

Adherence Therapy intervention is a patient-centred, individualised approach that addresses each patient’s particular beliefs about their treatment.

The objective of our intervention is to identify treatment adherence barriers and to develop specific strategies in partnership with the patient to overcome those barriers

Following training the health professionals will be able to structure their conversations with patients about their treatment. Adherence Therapy is ideally delivered as a course over a series of 6-8 weekly one-to-one sessions with patients, each with a different focus.

Shared decision making is important - what motivates patients’ choices is often misunderstood by health professionals.

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